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Coach Ellie Marie

Growing up, I was NEVER the naturally lean child. Even though I was active, staying thin was always a struggle for me. This wasn't such a big deal for me until I reached middle school and would constantly be teased about being curvier than other girls. 

Little did I know that those comments from my peers were going to lead me to some of my darkest moments. 

With those words ingrained in my head, I took the worst approach to fitness. I became obsessed with becoming as thin as possible, as quickly as I could. 

I was undernourished, overworked, and incredibly unhealthy. I developed "fear foods" and avoided going out with my loved ones because I couldn't control the meals I was to eat. After experiencing a traumatic knee injury and undergoing reconstructive surgery, I knew I needed to put my physical and mental health first.

From that point on, my passion for nutrition and health skyrocketed. I began focusing on building a muscular, lean, healthy physique. During this process, I also grew in confidence, happiness, and my relationship with others. I began to enjoy food and events with family and friends.  I have done this through consistency, balance, and flexible dieting. 

My approach is different because it sets you up for long term SUCCESS. Achieving your ideal physique is not something that will come from a crash diet, it comes from a complete lifestyle change. 

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